Security and Quality Control

Your casino playing cards are made in Belgium. Our headquarters’ factory is equipped with our most advanced technologies.

Quality control is essential in the production of our casino playing cards. Our rigorous quality control process starts with pre-production checks on all incoming materials. Our dedicated and automated casino lines are equipped with multiple unique and high end control systems including card counting units, checkweighers and vision systems that inspect the quality throughout the entire production process, from pre-press to packaging.

In addition, our casino production facilities are protected by state-of-the-art access control and surveillance equipment to ensure the integrity of your order.

Card decks are numbered and packaged with the necessary safety seals to guarantee traceability.

Secure warehousing at our factory site and our experience in dealing with high value shipments further allow for smooth and safe delivery of your casino cards.

Paper and Plastic Cards

Cartamundi’s paper casino cards are produced on high quality double coated cardboard that is non transparent, non-toxic and recyclable. The unique prelinen finish reduces friction and increases gliding and durability.

Our 100% plastic cards are produced in high quality PVC and are internationally recognized for their exclusive properties. We guarantee our casino clients smooth handling, long durability, soft touch and better performance in shuffling machines.

Cartamundi cards are fully compatible with automatic shuffling machines and generic intelligent shoes.

Our casino cards are available in poker (63x88mm) and bridge size (57x88mm).

Customization and Design

You can choose from a carefully selected casino-specific assortment of colors, faces, back designs and packaging options that guarantee consistency and fulfill all quality and security requirements.

You can personalize the card with your own logo.

Our professional team of designers can help you to further customize your deck with a unique back design or even a customized Ace of Spades!

Additional security features include invisible ink, barcoded decks and Cartamundi’s unique RFID technology whereby a chip inside the cards allows you to read the cards immediately without the need for well positioned cameras.


A casino brochure is available upon request.

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